Team Members

Arie Genger, Managing Partner
Arie, after getting his MBA from CCNY in 1973, joined Rapid-American Corporation as the assistant to the Chairman of the Board. Rapid-American Corp. and shortly thereafter became its president of its largest sub McCrory Corp, a retail conglomerate. At the time, Arie was the youngest ever president of a multi-billion dollar company in the United States. In 1980 Arie joined the government of Israel and over the years served different positions in the Ministris of Defence and Economics and later served as Prime Minister Sharon’s special emissary to the White House.

In 1983, Arie founded the First American Israeli Technology fund (FAIT). FAIT was a pioneering fund with a targeted objective to bring financial investors from America to invest in Israel.

In 1985 Arie founded Trans-Resource Inc. an agricultural and chemical manufacturer and distributor worldwide. Arie built the company from the ground up from 1985 to 2008 when the company reached its record results of $1bln annual revenue and $150mln net income.

During the past 30 years Arie has been involved in multiple acquisitions and divestitures, and funded multiple ventures.

David Broser, Managing Partner
David is a seasoned investor in the private equity and fund world. Since 1993, David has been president of RDA Ventures, a family office investment firm that invests as principal or lead investor in diverse companies and projects in a variety of industries. RDA and its affiliated entities and investors have invested in more than 30 companies and situations, with a focus on hedge funds, private equity, LP investments and real estate. David received his JD from Boston University and BBA from University of Michigan.

Nick Wachtel, Managing Partner
Nick is previously of Lux Capital, an emerging technology venture capital group. At Lux, Nick was heavily involved in fundraising and starting biotech companies from scratch. Nick received his B.B.A in Finance from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

Nick is one of the founders of Young Wall Street, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of New York City’s youths and adolescents. Nick has been a featured speaker at a number of conferences and an invited lecturer at various universities including Cornell University